2023-2024 Season

House Rules

First is flat cans across the board. Everyone starts the season with 35 cans. At the end of each meet up everyone gets 10 cans, even if they didn't play. New player start in at the same amount of cans as everyone else. This keeps the play field even. Players are rewarded for playing smart, using tactics, and clever builds instead of being rewarded for being in the group the longest or being able to make it to games. The other change is removing the dent and injury system. This is also a suggestion by the creator and we agree it needs to go. With teams like the warden, this punishes players for using their team as it was intended. You're supposed to make suicide cars, but get more dents and injuries for it? Makes no sense. It's gone.
And I know what your saying, "Justin, what about the scavenger games? They earned us cans." We are replacing the scavenger games with a single game which does not add to your team's can total. Instead, the second game played will be a 1 shot event of either 50 or 75 cans so that players can try out new factions or builds. This second game won't effect season score.
The last change is we are cutting the season to 6 games. That means by the end everyone will have 85 cans to pay with, which is a pretty beefy amount. If we are getting close to the end and everyone wants to continue, we can change this ruling then.
Prizes! We are now introducing prizes! The season champion will win 2 custom request cars! One made by the talented Gregory Peterson and one made by me. The champ will also receive a custom driver portrait drawn by our very own illustrator Corey Godfrey!
We will also have monthly meet up prizes! The winner of each meet up will win something special! We will have dice, tokens, bits, cars, and so much more for the winner to choose. It should be lots of fun!


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